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Find Best Stocks to Buy
Using Bullish Continuation Patterns

What is a continuation pattern?

Spotting these patterns can point us to some of the best stocks to buy.

Continuation patterns indicate a pause in a trend before the trend continues. What this means is, the stock will pause and take a rest. Then the stock will continue to go up.

Learning these patterns can help us in these ways:

Firstly, if you are already in a stock, you will feel more confident to continue to hold the stock. Secondly, for those who missed the opportunity to buy the stock earlier, they can enter it now.

Reversal patterns usually take a bit longer to form. However, continuation patterns usually takes a shorter time to form. Therefore, learning these patterns will give you many trading opportunities. Profits can also come in a shorter period instead of waiting for reversal pattern opportunities which may take a long time.

What are the bullish continuation patterns?

There are quite a number of bullish continuation patterns. We will be looking at the...

  1. Pennant
  2. Bullish Flag
  3. Symmetrical Triangle
  4. Ascending Triangle
  5. Rectangle

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