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Your Investing 101
Start By Building a Strong Foundation

Here you will find investing 101 information. These are the essential foundation knowledge that you need.

Have you ever marveled at a tall skyscraper? Yes, I'm sure we all have. A tall and magnificent building needs a strong foundation. If you want your profits to rise high in the stock market, you need a strong foundation. The information in this page will help you.

If you haven't read the Important Overview that I have written, please read it now. It will save you months and even years of learning time.

I have divided this foundation page into several different parts. Click on the links below to begin your journey. Don't worry they are all very quick and easy reads.

I know you are excited about making some profits in the stock market, but first things first. You need the foundation. I will get into the details on how to do that later. Here are the essentials that you need to get started...

Important!!! Read all of it. You won't regret this little investment of your time.

Do take some time and read them. They are all very simple and perhaps too elementary. However, these gems lays the foundation for your journey in investing and trading.

Stock Market Basics
A fresh look at what you can expect from the stock market. You won't get any of those difficult definitions here but...

Investing Introduction
A look at what investing is really about. Lots of common sense but often overlook by many. This article also shows you the benefit of investing.

Trading Introduction
A simple description of what trading is. Also discusses whether investing or trading is better. Then we offer a solution that will set you way apart from the rest.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis Introduction
A brief intro to fundamental analysis and technical analysis. It also shows you how to really use fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Money Management
This is perhaps the most important aspect of investing and trading. Don't make the mistake that so many people make. Read and remember it always. This will save you thousands if not millions of your hard earned money.

After reading the above articles, you now have a strong foundation to move to the next stage. Click here to move to the next navigation bar..the basics.

If you need more foundation information, browse through the articles below to have a stronger grasp of investing 101 and trading 101. (more coming soon)

Additional Foundation Gems

What are options?
You probably have heard about options and their incredible profit opportunities. This article will give you a primer on options and show you the pros and cons of options trading...

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