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Jim Rogers
Lessons from the Master

Jim Rogers is one of the legends when it comes to investing. Here are some videos and quotes which will enlighten anyone interested in investing or trading.

Jim whose full name is James Beeland Rogers, Jr. was born in Alabama. In 1970, Rogers joined Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder. There he met George Soros the famous hedge fund trader. Together, they founded the Quantum Fund which gained 4200% in the following 10 years compared to the S&P which advanced about 47%.

Rogers is one of the investors featured in the book Market Wizard by Jack Scwhager. Rogers' investments have returned him some nice profits, which enabled him to retire early. You can read all about it in Market Wizard.

In 1998, Rogers founded the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI). This index is the broadest and most international of all the commodity indexes. RICI consists of 35 commodities which includes some commodities not traded on the US futures exchange.

Rogers life has been an extraordinary one. In January 1999 to January 2002, he and his wife traveled through 116 countries covering 245,000 kilometers on a yellow custom made Mercedes. This journey even entered the Guinness World Record!

Rogers is widely popular and he frequently appears on CNBC. I am always amazed by his insights and the way he explains things. Sometimes he is very straightforward and some of his statements will make you laugh.

He make things seem so simple for the layman to understand which you won't find in many others being interviewed on CNBC. Take some time and listen to some of his comments...

Some tips...if you have a slow connection, press play and then pause and wait for it to finish downloading before viewing.

2009 Will Be a Year of Total Decline for US

The Worst Recession Ever Part 1

The Worst Recession Ever Part 2

Hope you enjoyed these insights from Jim Rogers. Sometimes it is good to hear a voice of reason in the midst of madness.

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