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Online Investing and Trading
The Professional Way

Online Investing and Trading has always fascinated people who want to make some extra money. They learn a little here and a little there from different gurus. At first they make some money but eventually losses start to occur.

At the end of the day, they are still confused and wonder why it is so difficult to make some money.

Here, we show you what separates a professional from a novice. And we show you how to invest and trade like a professional.

To graduate yourself from a novice to a professional, you need to

  1. Have Good Money Management
  2. Have a Strategy that fits you.
  3. Understand the importance of convergence of concepts. (This is explained below)
  4. Have someone to guide you or in other words learn from a pro.(Some excellent resources are listed below)

"The Convergence of Concepts is the Key to Profits in the market"

Always remember this phrase. Do not forget this. There are many stock market sayings but I guess you have seldom come across this phrase. Well, when you have traded or invested for a while, you will soon agree with this.For example, combining candlestick analysis with trend analysis will make your trade much more successful.

Get the idea? No? The question to some of you now is...What in the world does that mean? To make this simple for you to understand, let us use an illustration. I want you to imagine that you are in a law court right now.

Imagine that the prosecutor is trying to proof that the accused is indeed guilty of a crime. So what do you think the prosecutor needs to do to be successful?

Yes he will need concrete evidence that shows that the accused is indeed guilty. There must be a string of convincing evidence that links the accused to the crime. When all the evidence lines up nicely, only then will the judge pronounce the accused guilty. If there are some doubts it will be unfair(an even dangerous) to sentence someone to jail.

Combine Investing and Trading Concepts to be successful

Similarly in online investing or trading, you need to have as many evidence as possible pointing it as a successful investing or trading candidate. It is only when you combine different concepts that you have learned in the Basic, Intermediate and Advance Section of this site then you will be successful in online investing or trading.

When you combine the concepts, you will have a better understanding of the investment or trade. The more concepts that appear in a particular candidate, the higher the likelihood your online investing or trading will be successful.

How to combine the concepts

I will be adding more info in this section, with additional articles on this page.

Combining Fundamental analysis with technical analysis

Useful resources and guides to help you turn into a professional

This site has many resources to help you to become a pro. You need to combine everything you learn in the earlier sections and formulate your own strategy.

However, eventhough this site has many materials to help you get a good start, it may still be difficult for some beginners. Furthermore, as much as I would like to put everything in this site, it would be impossible to put all the knowledge on investing and trading on one site.

It is said that if you want to be good at something, you need to learn from some of the best people out there.

Thus I have listed some of the additional resources and teachers who will be able to help you in your journey to become a pro. This is also where I will leave you into their hands.

They are some of the best traders and educators in the industry. Some even have hands on coaching and training. It always helps to have someone guiding you live as opposed to learning it on your own.

Click on the links to find out the best resources.(Coming Soon)

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